Punjab -Salt Range

SALT RANGE – Nature’s Wonder Land

Salt Range is an area of great natural beauty that covers approx 2,500 sq km area. The place is a geologist’s dream with a rich variety of minerals and rocks. World’s 2 nd largest Salt Mines are located here at Khewra, accessible via M-2 motorway about 260 km from Lahore and 160 km from Islamabad. Khewra City is also known as The Kingdom of Salt because of rock salt which is 98% pure and natural source of Salt in Pakistan. The Salt Mines extend from River Jehlum to Indus, covering an area of around 250 square kilometers. Interestingly, salt existence was discovered by Alexander’s horses during 326 BC. Later Mughals mined salt from here on commercial scale, and the British further systemized mining process by establishing a railway line. Now we have many attractions for visitors inside including Salt Minaret, salt Mosque, Salt Palace, Asthma Hospital, etc which are accessible either by foot or through a mini train ride. Also a souvenir shop houses rock salt objects for sale.

Salt Range Punjab Pakistan