Language: The official language in France is French.

Currency: The currency in France is the Euro. 1 USD is equivalent to about 1,14 EUR.

Credit Cards and ATMs: If you see a blue CB logo (it stands for Carte Bleue Visa/MasterCard), that means the shop takes international Visa and MasterCards. You will struggle to find places that accept American Express around the country. ATMs are easy to find.

Plugs: The plugs in France are Type C and E. The standard voltage is 230 V, and the standard frequency is 50Hz. I recommend buying a universal adapter (make sure it has surge protection) and using a converter for hairdryers and hot tools.

Safety: France is generally a safe country to travel to especially as a solo female traveler. However, pickpockets and tourist scams are common, especially in the capital city of Paris.

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