England is part of the United Kingdom, which also includes Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Most visitors head straight to England’s capital, London, which is home to iconic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey.

But, there are fantastic sites all over England, especially for Shakespeare and Harry Potter fans! Head to Stonehenge, Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and the hot springs of Bath.

With urban cities and towns that look like they’re from storybooks, England has an incredibly interesting history, age-old traditions, and spectacular gardens.


If you love Christmas as much as I do, you’ll want to visit England during the winter months. During December, the country turns into a winter wonderland, and you’ll find streets lined with decorations and massive Christmas markets.

For some seriously good deals at some of the top department stores, plan your trip to England in January. After the end-of-year rush, almost all the shops slash their prices and have massive sales to welcome in the New Year.

If you’re not a fan of cold weather, June to August is the best time to visit England. The sun finally comes out, London’s rooftop bars open up, and open-air theatres are in full swing.


Language: The main language spoken in England is English.

Currency: The currency in England is the British Pound. 1 USD is equivalent to about 0.75 GBP.

Credit Cards and ATMs: There are plenty of ATMs around England’s big and small cities. Most machines will accept Cirrus, Maestro and Visa cards. Credit cards and debit cards are used everywhere in Britain and are the easiest way to pay for purchases.

Plugs: The plugs in England are type G. The standard voltage is 230 V, and the standard frequency is 50Hz. I recommend buying a universal adapter (make sure it has surge protection) and using a converter for hairdryers and hot tools.

Safety: England is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Violent crime is low, and as a solo female traveler, you shouldn’t run into any problems while exploring England. However, always take precautions and be aware of your surroundings to avoid anyone who might try to take advantage of you being in an unfamiliar place.

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