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Soon Valley

Soon Valley is a breathtaking vista of natural beauty comprising of lakes and springs, lush green fertile fields, beautiful landscapes, dense forests and pre-historic sites. The valley provides a unique sanctuary for migratory birds in winter. Located at a height of 5,010 feet (1,530 m) above sea level, Sakesar is the highest point in the Soon Valley. The area of Soon Valley is about 300-square-mile (780 sq km).

Soon Valley is accessible through Kallar Kahar (also called Gateway to Soon valley) at M2 motorway. From here, the Soon Valley extends almost 100 kilometers. The temperature is mild to pleasant in the summer and cold in winters.

soon valley

To promote Soon Valley as an Eco-Tourist destination Punjab government has taken a lot of initiatives. Project Titled ‘Development of Eco-Tourism in Soon Valley at Khabekhi and Uchali Lake– Khushab’, The main sites identified for the development project are Kenhetti Garden, Khabeki Lake and Uchali Lake. Moreover the signage has been placed across the valley to facilitate the visiting tourist.

Uchali Lake Khabeki Lake and Jhalar Lake

Lake Uchhali is one of the famous and picturesque salt water lakes of Soon Valley overlooked by mount Sakaser. Lake Khabikki is another important attraction in the southern Salt Range. It is one kilometer wide and two kilometres long. Khabikki is also the name of a neighbouring village. Jhalar Lake is another important attraction in the southern Salt Range These lakes attract thousands of migratory birds each year including rare white-headed ducks (Oxyura leucocephala) from Central Asia. The main components of development at Khabeki Lake includes a restaurant, tourist information center , Board walk, Gazebos, cycling treks, hard and soft landscaping, Hiking trails, Staff residence, bird watching & sighting of several other wildlife species. Moreover the installation of signage and benches has been completed to facilitate the visiting tourists. 

Soon Sakesar Valley

Kenheti Gardens

Kanhatti Garden was established by Major W Whet Burn, District Engineer of the area during 1933. Kanhatti sub village of Khabeki has been derived from Kanhat, a special rock found at natural water spring. The plantation in the garden includes Almond, Apricot, Pine apple, etc.

The components of development at Kanhatti Garden include Campsite and Camping facility, Garden view point, Rest House,Caravan Park, Camel riding, Hiking trails, bird watching & sighting of several other wildlife species, Natural water springs, waterfalls, water mills and water pools. Moreover the installation of signage has been completed to facilitate the visiting tourists. Preservation of the local species of flora and fauna and migratory birds is also a high priority concern of the government.

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