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Up to 3,000,000 Hotels, 600 Airlines, Over 1,000 Cruises, 23,000 tours & activities from 2,200 global destinations, and a variety of Car Rental companies on one website. Start Earning Money more traffic makes generate more money. Each time your users click on the deals suggested by the Search Engine, you will be making affiliate commissions, also on booking.

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There are many affiliate programs that give commission on clicks and bookings, clicks mean users just visit your deals and you get the commission on that. In this way, the average visitor could possibly generate up to $1 – $4 per visit from multiple clicks on different deals. This means if drive good traffic on the website you can earn a lot of passive income.

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If you are just getting started, it is best that we start at the beginning. Put into simple terms, affiliate marketing is where you sign up with a company or a network to sell their products or services.

You then typically make a commission every time someone either buys something or clicks on an affiliate link on your Website.

There are many different types of affiliate programs like web hosting, website builders, VPNs, travel, finance, fashion, beauty, and fitness, etc.


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