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How long has it been since Tourism in Pakistan no longer used the two words of Pakistan Tourism? It is not a hidden fact that tourists have always been fascinated by Pakistan because of its scenic beauty and excellent hospitality. Sadly, all of this was darked a few years ago by terrorism and uncertainty.

A few years ago, Pakistan was considered one of the most dangerous, if not the most hazardous, tourists. Once again, Pakistan is in the limelight. But this time to be one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Wow, what’s back?

Wow, what’s back?

Does it look a little far to you? Well, the numbers tell a fantastic story. Lonely Planet has called Pakistan the next big thing in tourism. It is also ranked as the best vacation destination for 2020. Tourism has increased by a staggering 300% after domestic security has improved, and violence and terrorist acts have diminished.

Isn’t it too good to be true?

I haven’t looked back since 2010. Pakistan has continued to rise in rank in the tourism world and has been internationally recognized for its natural beauty. In 2018, the British Backpackers Association went ahead and ranked Pakistan as the number one adventure travel destination in the world.

Also, the following year, Forbes said Pakistan was the most relaxed place to visit worldwide. As such, the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report ranked the country in the top 25% of the world’s destinations for ancient World Heritage Sites.

These include the oldest known human civilizations, the Indus Valley Civilization. As if this were not enough, Pakistan has long worked hard to improve its tourism games independently.

This includes extreme marketing campaigns such as “Visit Pakistan” launched in 2007. This includes religious festivals, trade fairs, folk festivals, arts and crafts shows, local sporting events, and the History Museum’s opening. I was impressed.

The country is planning to invest heavily to attract tourists and revive its name in the world. And it’s working. PTDC (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation) has taken it one step further and launched its website.

This website has all the tourist assets mentioned in detail from north to south.

This shows the Pakistani government how much he is trying to take advantage of this potential.

Pakistan – Overview

Pakistan is a country where God has a unique hand. The variety it has is unimaginable. You name it, and the government has it.

Pakistan’s attractions range from the Himalayan north to the beautiful mangroves in the south. There are Buddhist archaeological sites, the oldest known human civilization, the Indus Valley civilization.

There are mountain peaks such as K2, Himalayas, and the Hindu Kush.

On the other hand, there are valleys like Chitral and Hunza. These are the homes of the Kalash community.

These people declare that they are direct descendants of Alexander the Great. Wow! Even cities are tourist destinations in their own right.

Lahore supports architectural visions such as Badshahi Mosque, Jahangir’s tomb, Shalimar Garden, and Lahore Fort. Oh, don’t let me start the street food they have.

Pakistan Trending Finder

Simply put, Pakistan is more than just a tourist adventure spot. It’s so diverse that you can visit everything here.

Pakistan has lakes, deserts, coastlines, mountain peaks, forests, plateaus, and world-famous architectural wonders. You name it, Pakistan has it. From religious tourism to historical tourism, everything is there.

Many sacred places of Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists exist here and attract tourists from these particular countries. Tourist Visa – Start Sightseeing!

Tourist Visa – Start Sightseeing!

Travel visas were opened in 2019 to boost tourism. A new program has also been launched that allows you to get a travel visa on arrival without hassle. This option is for travelers from almost 50 countries.

Not only this, there is an option to apply for a visa online for tourists in countries, not on this list. Nearly 175 countries have benefited from it.

When you had to spend hours for tourism getting a permit from a Pakistani embassy in another country, unlike before, this mitigation of visa acquisition has boosted the number of people who have not previously applied for a visa due to the long, tedious, and time-consuming process of visa approval.

Tourism by region and state

Pakistan is divided into four states (PunjabSindhBalochistanKhyber Pakhtunkhwa), two independent regions (Gilgit BaltistanAzad Kashmir), and one federal territory (Islamabad).

Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit: This name is associated with some of the most breathtaking mountain ranges in the world. There is K2, the second-highest peak in the world. It’s amazing. This is why it is the tourist center of Pakistan.

Not only this, there are beautiful canyons, glaciers, lakes, and mountains. Undoubtedly, if you look at these mountains, you can see the hand of God working.

So much beauty, tranquility, calm, it makes your spine tremble with how magnificent God’s creation is.

Along with this, people’s hospitality has become a hot topic. Tourists say they will regain a part of Pakistan with the love they give them.

Gilgit Trending Finder

Other essential and must-see attractions are:

  • Fairy Meadows
  • Baglot Valley
  • Hushe Valley
  • Deosai Plain – The second highest alpine plain in the world
  • K2 Mountain Base Camp – second highest mountain in the world
  • Nanga Parbat – Astore, Pakistan
  • Skardu Cold Desert – The tallest desert in the world.
  • Kappa Desert – The coldest desert in the world
  • Shausar Lake

These are the main tourist attractions in Gilgit-Baltistan.


According to the geographical area, it is the largest state in Pakistan. Want to relive history? This is the place for you as it is home to the world’s oldest Neolithic archaeological site.

Here you can find ancient cities related to the Indus Valley Civilization. Other historic places you can see are Quad-e-Azam Residency.

  • Quetta Geology Museum
  • Bolan Pass
  • Hazarganj-Chiltan National Park, etc.

On the other hand, Juniper is famous for its juniper forest, and Sibi has Zirgahole. Its coastline is 750km.

Balochistan Trending Finder

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Welcome to hotspots for explorers and tourists. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is located in the northwestern region of Pakistan. Also, it has a lot to offer.

It has rugged terrain and dense agricultural farms. The important tourist destinations are Barahissar Forte.

  • Gandhara civilization
  • Peshawar Museum
  • Kissa Kawani Bazaar
  • Hindu ruins in Kafircot
  • Karakoram Highway Gilgit-Baltistan
  • Lowari Top

Don’t forget to spend hours on Shandur Pass, which is amazingly known as the roof of the world! This pass is in the center of three mountain ranges. Three mountains instead of three. Wow!

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Trending Finder


Punjab is Pakistan’s most populous state. Many best World Heritage Sites are located in Punjab. Also, Punjab has the Cataslaj Temple, which is prominent in Hindu mythology. Therefore, it attracts many tourists from India.

Punjab’s cultural heritage is unique in the world. The list of tourist destinations in Punjab is endless. Mention the famous in various cities of Punjab:

  • Wazir Khan Mosque
  • Shalimar Gardens
  • Lahore Fort
  • Jahangir and Nojahan tombs
  • Minar-e-Pakistan
  • Noor Mahal
  • Murrie
  • Falwara Forte
  • Northern summer resorts such as Patriata, Marie, and Azad Jammu.

Not only this, Punjab food is good to lick your fingers. Food Street is famous for its food. It is a general Pakistani belief that “no one has ever seen Lahore.”

Punjab is Pakistan's Trending Finder


Located in the eastern part of Pakistan, Sind is famous for its rapid urbanization and religious heritage. The prominent cultural attractions are:

  • Karachi Frere Hall
  • Mohenjo-Daro architectural ruins
  • Mohatta Palace
  • Lands Dawn Bridge
  • Hawke’s Bay
  • Chaukandi’s tomb
  • Kot Diji Forte

The beaches of Karachi are also worth seeing. If you’re visiting Pakistan, check out Pakistani hip-hop and jet-set life at Port Grand Forte! Get ready to be fascinated.

Sindh Trending Finder

Azad Jam and Kashmir (AJK)

Have you ever heard how beautiful paradise on earth? Get a glimpse of it with Azad Jam and Kashmir. Located north of Pakistan, it is God’s most incredible creation. It consists of the lower part of the Himalayas.

Say hello to the most beautiful, green, fertile, and mountain valleys in the world. Below are some places worth a visit:

  • Neelam Valley
  • Ripa River
  • Gangachoti
  • Kotli, Mirpur, Bhimber districts

Azad Jam and Kashmir Trending Finder

Islamabad Capital Territory

Welcome to the capital of Pakistan. Are you an art lover? Do you travel the world to see the best architecture? Indeed, it would help if you visited the Faisal Mosque, the largest mosque in South Asia. I have to say that it is a sight that hurts my eyes. Ranked as the second most beautiful capital city in the world, it offers the following attractions:

  • Margla Hills
  • Fatima Jinnah Park
  • Lake Lawall
  • Daman-i-Kohs
  • Pakistan Monument

Islamabad Pakistan Trending Tourism


Pakistan Tourism – Pure Country

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