Best Historical Cities to Visit in the USA

Despite being a relatively young nation, the USA has witnessed more than its fair share of fascinating history. It’s been shaped and reshaped by a tumultuous and remarkably diverse past that spans the entire-gamut, from indigenous settlements and colonial conquests to the civil war and fight for independence, to the impact of waves of immigration and varied cultural influences emanating from all four corners of the globe.

What’s more, this nation’s storied past is laid out in spectacular-glory at every turn you take, nowhere more so than in its dozens of history-filled cities. Admire the grandeur of the centuries-old colonial architecture. Marvel at monuments, tour inspiring-museum collections and learn about America’s evolution through its streets, homes, and landmark sites.

For those who love nothing more than discovering a new place through its past, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most historical cities in USA. These destinations are brimming with heritage | culture | unique stories | and plenty of old-world charm, each harboring a wealth of fascinating historical attractions begging to be explored.